Lunar New Year

This is an extended cut of an animation I did for the Mixed.Parts Exquisite Corpse, celebrating the start of the Zodiac Year of the Pig. 

Exquisite What?

You know the game where you draw part of a monster, then fold the paper over and let your friends complete the drawing? Its that, but in animation.

Mixed.Parts is an online community of motion designers, and when I saw that this big collaboration was happening I just had to take part.

Organiser Lage Lind set out the rules:

︎ 75 frames (3 seconds) each
︎ Set colour pallette
︎ You may only see the last 0.5 seconds of the animator’s work before yours
We completed the project with a chain of 18 animators:

They are (In order of appearance) Lage Lind, Nolan Downs, Peter Champelli, John McColgan, Nina Tsur, Colton Geil, Brent Walker, Alex Bradt, Pencil Bandit, Lucas Habouche, Rob Barrett, Pip Williamson, Sebastian Ramn, Finnlan Wilson, Mathieu Durand, Benoit Massé, Michiel Kloppenburg, Sam Brandon

Sound design by The Chicken Sound
Guitar by Nick Cool

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